Below Market Value Properties

At we specialise in sourcing properties at below market value.

As we are most probably close to the bottom of the property market we do not source properties at 30% or more BMV, most opportunities are now in the range 15% to 20% BMV, a genuine 25% BMV is an exception and we get very few opportunities at this level of discount.

There are two ways in which you can purchase discounted properties through;

1 - Purchasing negotiated deals, these are properties where we have negotiated the price with the vendor, you then need to arrange your financing, surveyor, etc.

2 - Purchasing packaged deals, these are where we have negotiated the purchase price and arranged mortgages etc via our partners.


Register for BMV Deals

Once we have negotiated or packaged a deal we market these to our registered investors. If you would like to receive details of property deals as they become available you need to register your details - it is free to register. << Click Here



Rent to Buy / Own - how it works

Rent to buy is a new approach to getting on the property ladder. Many people feel caught in the trap where they are forever renting and property prices keep increasing making it a struggle to get on the housing ladder.

This is where rent to buy can help. First you find a property that is available as a rent to buy, you then take out a rental contract, normally 2 or 3 years, paying a little above the market rent (this goes toward your deposit) and then exercise your option to purchase the property in 2 or 3 years time.

The advantages are many:

If you are a landlord seeking to rent a property and need to check tenants then take a look a Credit Check Services, one of the leading UK companies (Credit Check Services ) that carries out tenant referencing, employee screening and other checks on any UK individual.

What types of property are available?

Almost any type of property can be purchased in this way, it can be a flat, maisonette, house, even commercial properties. As properties become available we send details to those registered with us, so if you do not want to miss out then register today!.

How do I register for Rent to Buy?

Simply send us your contact details and a summary of what you are looking for here ... Register for Rent to Buy